Brief Information About PC Hardware

In today's modern technology, computer hardware consists of several machines and other devices which all combined together for a whole working system. Some external hardware of a computer is connected through cable such as mouse, printer and keyboard. Software must be installed in the machine to run these devices. The efficiency of a personal computer can be increased by installing this hardware to perform different tasks such as business, design fun and entertainment etc. The main parts of computer hardware are given below which are most common to buy a PC.

Hard Drive

A computer hard disk is also known as a hard drive. It stores the entire important user's data into its different storage area. It is called a permanent storage because it does not loss the information even when it is turned off.


A motherboard is considered to be the most important hardware of a personal computer. It also contains a microprocessor which contains the necessary sockets and slots for the connection between different devices of the computer. It is a main channel that allows other part of a computer system to work together and walk to each other and thus serves as a 'mediator'. It combines the whole system of PC making it a whole working machine.


RAM is abbreviated as Random Access Memory. Ram is used to process the applications and other memory tasks. When the computer is turned off, the RAM lost all the information.


The memory which is used for the storage of program is called ROM. A ROM is a short form of Read Only Memory.

Storage Devices

There are also some external storage devices which can be removed from computer any time. It can also be taken by us from one computer to another. These important storage devices are CDs, DVDs and USB flash drives.


A PSU is a short form of Power Supply Unit. It was developed to convert the AC power to low voltage DC power. It is an essential hardware for the internal component of a PC.

Sound Card

The multimedia programs such as games, videos, movies and songs can be run through sound cards. It is responsible for the audio services of a computer.


A keyboard is known as the basic input device. It is used to collect the data by pressing different keys. Normally a single number or a character is displayed by pressing a single key of a keyboard.


A mouse is known as a pointing device which detects two dimensional motions. There are some other pointing devices known as light pen and track ball.


A joystick is used to play computer games. It consists of a stick which moves from left to right and up to down.


The device that generates and displays the visual output is called monitor. There are two types of monitor, CRT(cathode Ray Tube) which is the most common monitor and LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) which is the most common monitor used by people of the modern age.